Monday, December 15, 2008


I went to buy a Christmas tree last Monday on my way home from an appointment (Alice was at home with The Magnificent T). I enquired about delivery and negotiated good terms, then went to look at the right size of tree, the bloke finally came over to help me see them properly but then had to go and help someone else. None of the trees were great - and being me I like the expensive ones (they keep their needles better and smell better too), so I went back to the cashier and asked if they'd be having any more in - no but they did have more 'out the back'. I felt like a difficult customer but the ones on display were very uneven and they were too expensive to comprimise! The bloke came back and hunted through the trees still in nets before selecting and un-netting one. He explained why he expected it to be a good one and it looked much better than the rejects, I felt a little pressured after all their extra effort and the tree seemed OK so I settled for it. It was delivered last Wednesday and immediately un-netted and left to 'relax' in the Hall.

While Alice napped at lunchtime I decided to get the lights up. Fiasco - they worked until they'd been on the tree for 5 minutes, ugh. T stayed with Alice while I dashed back into A'g (we'd been there this morning!) I bought lights and dashed home again - only to discover I'd bought flashing ones. Cross, very p*ssed off, resolved to take them back and several hours later decided that I had to put them up and finish the tree today!

I love decorating the tree and rediscovering ornaments - the San Francisco tram with holly on it, Chinese enamelled ornaments (especially the panda and snowmen ones), all the different angels and the new ones too, this year one to remember Little Sis. Alice watched T*inkerbell while I decorated. She wasn't interested in the tree until she found Happles on it! Then Moon, Fairy, Sock (stocking) and Ghost (Father Christmas). She wanted to know what the pears were and was delighted to find the stars!

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Janet said...

We decorated our tree last night too, and Little Prince was thrilled to find the ornaments that he had made at Playschool and then Nursery. And also the ones to represent his heritage, he insisted he had to be the one to put those on the tree.