Sunday, December 14, 2008


Today we went to the theatre. It was Alice's second visit but her first full length show. We saw a pantomime (traditional British Christmas show), Cinderella.

How did it go? Interestingly. Alice didn't want to sit for most of the performance - luckily we were in the second to last row and the seat behind us was mostly empty as the little girl sat on her father's lap through most of the performance. It was a very long panto, or that could just have been the stress of trying to get Alice to sit and be quiet. It was 2 and a half hours including a 20 minute interval. Alice really didn't want to sit down, which was both stressful and intriguing - as she will sit and watch a full length film without even blinking. She definitely enjoyed it - the singing, dancing, music and twinkly bits, most of all she loved the Shetland ponies that pulled Cinder's carriage and the 'Fairy' (Fairy Godmother).

My verdict - she might be a little too young for it at the moment but she'll learn from the experience and overall it was positive. The panto? Too long, they included all the traditional bits but didn't link them together very well. Some of the actors were very good but one of the big names was a disappointment and the 2 Americans on the cast actually spoilt the show - 1 huge, elderly filmstar and his younger, inept wife.

It was a CACH event. It was lovely to see other children adopted from China, I think Alice was quite a lot younger than the others, but of course as we were at the theatre we didn't get much of a chance to socialise - the others went on to have a Chinese meal together but I'd felt that the panto was enough for us this year, Alice fell asleep in the car 20 minutes before we got home and was awake in time for supper as usual and I was glad that we only did the panto bit - we're looking forward to seeing them properly at Chinese New Year. A couple of the other parents remembered Alice from the beginning of the year and the last CNY celebrations - none of us could quite believe the changes in Alice in a little less than 12 months!

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3cmum said...

You are a braver woman than me...2 and the panto! Wow.

Well bizarrely our CACH XMAS was weird. Hardly anyone talked to anyone else. Too big. But the girls had fun.